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We are a group of sport enthusiasts who are in love with running and traveling. Our love towards running and traveling encouraged us to share this passion with you. We are cheerful and dynamic crew who like to have fun and enjoy in life, but the most important thing is when it is time for action! We are professionals and we strive to deliver “value for money” for each and every guest of ours. You will this see for yourself if you give us your trust and precious time when going on one of our running tours.

Since running became so popular in Zagreb, and of course in the whole world, we gained courage and decided to start this project. Zagreb and its county give numerous opportunities for active travel. Especially for running. There are so many popular places nearby where we feel free and happy while running. For example, Jarun lake, Medvednica mountain, Bundek lakes, Sava river banks, our precious park Maksimir and last but not least the center of Zagreb, its upper and lower town. If you decide to take our tour through Zagreb’s upper and lower town you will have the opportunity to see major Zagreb attractions. Even more, you will have the chance to see and discover some exceptional places that ordinary tourist in our city does not have the opportunity to explore. Running with us will take you to some hidden places that are, for some unknown reasons to us, left out from classic Zagreb walking tours. For example parks and woods located in the center, hidden alleys and streets, charming numerous stairways which unfortunately stay hidden to the average traveler.

Because we runners consider ourselves not to be average, each and every member of RunZagreb team at this moment is feeling excitement and privilege that we are in the position to give you a unique travel experience while staying in Zagreb.

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